7 ways to restore your wellbeing

September 29, 2021
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In today’s high-pressure work environment, it’s not unusual to experience periods of stress. Most of us can handle what life throws at us, and some of us actually thrive on the excitement.

When the stress becomes chronic, there’s a danger of burnout which can potentially lead to some serious health consequences. In this article we’ll take a look at how to recognise the symptoms of burnout in yourself and show you effective ways to tackle burnout.

Causes of burnout

There are many causes of burnout at work and below we list the most typical ones.

The feeling that you’re overwhelmed.

You can’t cope with your workload, or that deadlines are impossible to meet.

Lack of support.

An inadequate communication from your manager leaves you unsure about whether you’re meeting expectations.

An inability to disconnect.

The need to be in constant communication at all times because without you, the work can’t get done and decisions won’t be made. (By the way, this is never true!)

Ongoing clashes with your manager or colleagues.

Whether you’re being bullied or dealing with conflicts of perspective, a battle without an end in sight will inevitably take its mental toll.

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You should be concerned about burnout if:

●     You’re constantly feeling exhausted – even after a good night’s rest.

●     Your work performance drops – maybe lower output, or increased errors.

●     You’re increasingly negative or cynical about your job and colleagues.

●     You get frustrated or angry more easily.

●     You’re feeling anxious about your work and your ability to perform in your role.

●     You’re finding it harder to concentrate and complete tasks.

●     You experience physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues or body pains.

●     You can hardly remember when you last enjoyed a day at work.

●     You want to leave your job but don’t have the energy to find an alternative.

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How to deal with burnout

1. Highlight the issue

This is the most vital step, as you can only change what you acknowledge. So, if you’re feeling burnt out – admit it to yourself and those around you.

2. Alert your manager and get their support

Companies are becoming increasingly more aware of the serious consequences of burnout – both for the individual and for the business. Ensure your leader understands how you’re feeling and accept their support in removing any stressors. Does your employer have a stress-management program in place? If yes, that can be a valuable resource.

3. Clarify expectations

While you both agree that you want to get back on track, there may need to be some changes to your workload or deadlines to restore your confidence. Breaking deliverables into small tasks can give back a sense that you’re able to make progress with your work and create enjoyable moments.

4. Change tasks

If your burnout has been triggered by the monotony of your daily routine, request a change of tasks. A new challenge, or a temporary shift to a new team, can provide a welcome break from the boredom of a job that doesn’t stretch you, and maybe offer a fresh perspective on your career path.

5. Take breaks

You need to address the issue of down-time. How are you resting the brain, and giving your body a boost? During the working day, set an alarm to ensure you step away from your work frequently, even for a couple of minutes. And when you’re not working, schedule some time each day to do something you actively enjoy. Switching off from your work responsibilities regularly will actually help you enjoy your work more.

6. Exercise

Forget about choosing the ‘best’ exercise, or gruelling workouts – choose something you enjoy and do it regularly. You’ll boost your endorphins, improve your blood pressure, reduce aches and pains, and sleep better.

7. Try to rest mentally and emotionally

As well as being kind to your body, finding ways to rest and sooth your overactive mind and calm your anxiety can really help. It’s never been easier to learn how to meditate with apps and videos to guide you through simple exercises in only a few minutes daily.  

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