How to Feel Supported in Your Job Search

November 30, 2021
3 mins

Have you been feeling alone in your job search recently? Do you find it easy to share your successes with your friends and family but difficult to get them involved in your job search struggles? Understandably so – sharing our lives with others makes life worthwhile. This is why it is so important to have a community of like-minded professionals to share ideas, triumphs and all the job search experiences in order to make the journey more satisfying and fulfilling.

Many people associate job searching with networking – and rightly so! However, for some job seekers, networking could pose a daunting task. What if you start building a community instead? A community where you could relate the challenges and successes with those in the same boat.

Wojo offers an exclusive Community for you to join, where you can share and exchange views with other professionals relating to anything career-related - from interviews, through getting a promotion to prevention of burnout and well-being ideas. You can access the Wojo Community via our app, which you can download here.  

Here are some of the most common advantages of having a community when job searching. 


It is very easy to lose your motivation and start procrastinating, even if you want to get a new job very much. Therefore, having a community where you can share your experiences can be a real booster of motivation, whilst meeting like-minded people who are able to share constructive and positive feedback and ideas with you. The success of your job search can benefit from that – sharing an interview that went well or that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed can open up opportunities and also give others the chance to relate, encourage or share their expertise. 


Brainstorming ideas with like-minded individuals is the highlight of belonging to a job search community. The beauty of it is that you can ask about anything – from how to dress for an online interview, through how to best tailor a CV to how to negotiate a better salary. 

In addition, brainstorming builds the sense of commitment, loyalty and interests. It is good to ask others for their input as it also builds self-esteem. Not to mention that people from different backgrounds have had different experiences, which also teaches you new things and opens up to possibilities you may have not been aware of before. 


A community brings people together, which then reinforces the feeling of connection and belonging. As we know, people are social creatures – we do need another person to help us get through the bad times, as well as share the good times with. The pandemic has highlighted the need to rely on other people - because when we can, we are able to manage situations and at a higher level than when we are dealing with it on our own. 

A meaningful sense of connection is particularly important now, in the era of working from home. It is crucial to balance the time spent working alone with time spent connecting with others face-to-cate. 

Join the Wojo Community 

At Wojo, we understand the importance of community and we strive to provide each and every one of our members with the feeling they belong, are heard and can receive whatever advice they need as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

The Wojo Community is the perfect place for any job seeker to find answers they need, connect with like-minded people and brainstorm ideas for their job search – no matter what stage you are at. 

The Community is available on the Wojo app, so if you haven’t already, make sure you download it HERE. 

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